The Kaido Insights Platform

  • Health Insights:

    It is the Kaido teams belief that healthcare data, whilst a tremendously powerful and under-utilised asset, is only as useful as the insights that can be drawn from it. is why the Kaido insights platform takes disparate data sets from any open source data framework, including but not limited to; Electronic Health records, social media feeds, wearable devices and apps, self monitoring devices and smartphones and combines it with advanced machine learning analytics and the intelligence of academic and clinical practitioners to deliver insights of use to businesses, healthcare systems, clinicians and patients.

  • World Leading Content Providers:

    Whilst Artificial Intelligence and technology has a tremendous potential to revolutionise
    healthcare practise, it should be viewed as a facilitator to improved clinical efficiencies and not a replacement for actual human intelligence. This is why the Kaido platform combines Data with the intelligence of doctors, sports scientists, nutritionists and academics. These specialist practitioners are the people who, when equipped with analytical capability, can interpret relationships in data and presents insights to better inform medical practise.

  • Platform as a Service:

    The Kaido platform is built to integrate with any new or existing software infrastructure using a series of rest APIs. This means the platform can take in data from any open source data set, but more importantly deliver insights to existing business or consumer facing applications. In a world of cloud based connectivity, platform based offerings that can deliver value to a range of existing infrastructures and do not require the deployment of new native applications hold an increasingly competitive advantage.

The mobile health apps market is expected to reach


by 2018

Worldwide sales of wearable technology are growing by


year on year

Predicted global worth of Technology in health care by 2025 (Intel)