World's Biggest Coffee Morning

🎗 Giving back
🌿 Health & Wellbeing

Groups of 2-20
30-60 mins
Hundreds of companies have evolved their culture with Kaido.
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Your fantasy coffee morning

Bring your team together to support Macmillan's Coffee Morning, raising awareness of the charity.

Teams will create their dream Coffee Morning guest list, discussing the who and why. Employees will also be encouraged to support the Macmillan cancer charity as their circumstances allow.

This Experience provides discussion areas that are removed from personal lives and work, providing a space for colleagues to learn more about what inspires each other. At the end teams will have a visual scene showing their ideal coffee morning, which will help capture the moment and provide a memory to look back on.

So what is Kaido?

Great question! Kaido is the leading team culture platform for modern teams - whether they are remote, hybrid or in-person. We'll help you build happier, healthier, more connected teams that thrive together.

Our Experiences are designed to break down communication barriers in teams by building psychological safety and a sense of togetherness.