Photography Club

👏 Show & tell

Get creative with your colleagues and design a beautiful (or whacky!) photo exhibition.

Teams of 2-8
15-20 mins
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An afternoon activity:
Ready, steady, snap!

Over 4.7 billion photos are taken every single day! The ease and speed of taking a photograph is something that we now take for granted. Join in on celebrating the art, science and history of photography for World Photo Day.

Photography Club is a lighthearted, fun activity that encourages employees to get creative with their photography skills. Colleagues choose a category and take fun workplace photos to create a team montage. There is no limit on filters, apps and cool angles used.

This can be done at any point throughout the day and employees can vote for their favourite photo! A montage is created for everyone at the end!

Get creative together!

Teams choose a topic (e.g. bathroom items) and a visual theme (e.g. pop-art) and work together to create a montage of artsy photos. Use filters, try an app, or keep it raw. The choice is yours!

Vote on your favourites

Once teams have created their montages, everyone in the company can vote on their favourite. Showcase the winner on social media and across your internal comms!

So what is Kaido?

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