Plastics Week

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Have fun with your team while learning about plastics and positively impacting the planet.

Company or Team Based
Week-long (15 mins per day)
Hundreds of companies have evolved their culture with Kaido.
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A week of short, fun activities to do with your team to help save the Earth!

Plastics Week is all about coming together as a team to make a difference to the Earth.

It gets everyone engaging on something that matters to all of us: our planet, and the impact plastics are having on it. All with a set of cool, fun activities to get involved with.

It’s a great way to get people talking and doing something meaningful together, outside of their normal work.

A collective goal that you can impact together.

During the week, individuals and teams will complete 5 activities specifically designed to spark conversation and raise awareness around plastics use.

Extra information
Research shows that shared short-term goals are a powerful way to build team culture.

Shared context for team engagement.

Completing activities creates a common shared context for colleagues and their teams to interact around. It fuels conversation, sparks creativity and improves team relationships.

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Building psychological safety is a critical part of developing a strong, inclusive team culture.

At the end of a successful Kaido Experience...

Up Arrow Increased conversations
Up Arrow Increased psychological safety
Up Arrow Increased team trust, familiarity + synergy

A peek at the activities during Plastics Week πŸ‘€

So what is Kaido?

Great question! Kaido is the leading team culture platform for modern teams - whether they are remote, hybrid or in-person. We'll help you build happier, healthier, more connected teams that thrive together.

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