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Learn a new and important skill - how to introduce yourself in British Sign Language.

Best done in pairs.
15 mins
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Learn something new:
Hello, my name is…

British Sign Language is a fully fledged language used by over 150,000 people in the UK. It's a visual means of communicating, using gestures, facial expression, and body language, and is used mainly by people who are Deaf or have hearing impairments.

Learning Sign Language not only helps communication with people who cannot hear but it also helps to develop good listening skills as it takes more concentration on the person speaking.

To celebrate International Sign Language day and the power of communication, encourage colleagues to take part in this interactive experience.

By following in-app guidance, employees learn to sign their name and say hello to each other.


Can you sign?

If you are trained in Sign Language, can you help your colleagues to learn how to sign their name?


Record yourself saying hello

Practice and help each other until you can remember your sequence. Video each other and upload to the app.

So what is Kaido?

Great question! Kaido is the leading team culture platform for modern teams - whether they are remote, hybrid or in-person. We'll help you build happier, healthier, more connected teams that thrive together.

Our Experiences are designed to break down communication barriers in teams by building psychological safety and a sense of togetherness.