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Drive Productivity, Profitability and Engagement in your teams

Increased Productivity:

Strong Team Culture raises productivity by 21% and increases employee engagement by 17%

Recruit and Retain the Best Talent:

Employees who feel that they belong are 90% more likely to recommend their company to a friend

A more Profitable Business:

Cultivating a high-trust culture increases revenue by up to 400% and profitability by 31%

Review the research on the impact of team culture on retention, productivity and profitability.
Why team culture?

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Empower your Team Leaders in 12 Weeks

We've spent thousands of hours researching and understanding the cultural components to build high performing, resilient teams.

Using the latest behavioural science, neuroscience and corporate research, and inspired by the best places to work, The Culture Academy empowers your Team Leaders to build a human-centric culture built on empathy, trust and psychological safety.

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Our Foundation Programme...

Foundation Programme

The Fundamentals of Human-Centric Team Culture

The Culture Academy's Foundation Programme, The Fundamentals of Human-Centric Team Culture, is a 12-week, cohort based, interactive learning experience.

Your Team Leaders will join a community of like-minded professionals to explore, experiment and grow together into Human-Centric Culture Champions.

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CPD accredited

Work Life Integration

A sense of belonging is a critical element of a high performing team. It is directly correlated with higher levels of happiness, engagement and improved performance.

In this Programme, your Team Leaders explore what belonging means, what is the difference between work-life balance and work-life integration, and how they can create a Team Culture where each team member can show up as their authentic selves.


Events of recent years have made us feel more isolated and disconnected than ever before. As social creatures, humans need to feel a sense of togetherness in order to thrive.

Positive Team Culture is the most important driver of psychological safety, which in turn leads to a more meaningful sense of connection. In this programme, your Team Leaders explore attitudes, rituals and supportive behaviors that can help create a truly connected team.

About our programmes...

All Culture Academy programmes are experiential and action-focused. They teach the practical skills needed to build human-centric team culture from within. Plus, your Team Leaders will be part of a cohort-based learning community giving them the opportunity to network and learn from other great places to work.

The Learning Format

Live Workshops

Facilitator led live workshops are the anchor points of the learning journey. Bi-weekly moments for Team Leaders to connect, share ideas and learn from each other in a safe and inclusive environment.

Self-Directed Action Weeks

Team Leaders are introduced to a series of experiments, rituals and micro-practices designed to bring their learning to life. All Culture Academy programmes are experiential and action-focussed.

Guided Reflection

In order to learn in a more intentional and impactful way, Team Leaders are encouraged to adopt a growth mindset and take time to reflect on what they have learned and what they would do differently next time.

Community Support

The cross-cohort Culture Academy Community exists to connect, support and inspire learners as they embark on their collective missions to create more human-centric team cultures.

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