The Kaido Culture Academy

Our 90-day, cohort-based course will teach your employees how to develop strong team culture, psychological safety and healthy dynamics in diverse modern teams.

Culture Champions promote strong team culture throughout your organisation, getting everyone bought in to building a better culture, together.

Without Kaido Premium
£400 per champion
With Kaido Premium
£200 per champion
Next cohort starts in Nov 2022. There are 226 spaces remaining.
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After 3 months: Your Culture Champions will have a deep understanding of team culture, have gained insights from other modern teams and have started to make a positive impact on their team culture.

“Common understanding can be the difference between your team merely functioning as a group of highly skilled individuals or whether they thrive as an actual team.”

David Burkus, Professor of leadership and innovation

Why recruit Culture Champions?

Learn how Kaido-trained Culture Champions can help you make team culture your competitive advantage.

How does the Culture Academy work?

Develop transferable skills and tools for culture building.

Your champions will gain a deep understanding of team culture, take key learnings from the best places to work, become a proactive problem-solver and make positive changes in your team.

Fully remote, video lectures, group Q&As and masterclasses.

Course content can be consumed at a time that works best for your champions as all lessons are available online. Your colleagues will be supported be one of our culture coaches as they make positive changes in your team.

Experience the support of a cohort-based learning environment.

Learn together, get advice and share cross-company experiences and absorb the benefits of cohort-based learning. Your colleagues will share the challenges and wins they have along the way.

Here’s are some of the concepts we cover.

Organisational Citizenship Behaviour

Culture Champions will learn the five main areas of OCB - altruism, courtesy, conscientiousness, sportsmanship, and civic virtue.

Shared Experiences

Culture Champions will how to find common ground, shake up power dynamics and allow everyone to show different sides of themselves.

Team Norms

Areas include: choosing curiosity over blame, asking for and delivering feedback well and having healthy conflict.

Understanding your team

Champions will learn to support their team in building an understanding of each other and ensuring everyone is recognised and supported so they can thrive.

Psychological Safety

Psychologically Safe teams are more trusting, productive, motivated and resilient. Areas of focus include building trust, inclusivity and healthy conflict.

Navigating modern work

The Academy encourages students to think about challenges in modern work and how to avoid an unproductive, "always on" reactive culture.