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How BabelQuest used Kaido to boost their team culture through COVID-19

By Sarah Elliot

When companies want to spark meaningful conversations and connections with their customers, they look to BabelQuest. The globally recognised HubSpot Solutions Partner works with B2B organisations to unlock the power of their marketing, sales and services software.

Culture and communication are everything at BabelQuest. They’re fundamental to their client services and create the unique family feeling within the company’s own four walls. So when the COVID-19 pandemic forced their close-knit team to work from home, the business wanted to maintain the vital buzz and bond between colleagues.

Lily-Francesca Bristow, BabelQuest’s New Business Development Representative, explains:

‘When we went remote full time, we wanted to do something that kept morale up, kept our culture alive, and kept us connected as a group. Our biggest challenge was communication. With employees getting Zoom burnout, it was a struggle to bring the team together.’

They began scouting around for a creative remedy for the downsides of remote working, knowing their team needed an inspiring shared experience that catered for different daily commitments, interests and fitness levels. The goal was to ‘gamify’ health, wellbeing and team building with an inclusive solution that didn’t centre on the same old sports and step counting.

The search brought them to Kaido.

Ready, set, go!

In January 2021, BabelQuest kicked off a six-week ‘Around the World’ challenge, guided by Kaido’s interactive app. Four teams set their sights on the virtual finish line, picking up points by making small, positive changes to their physical activity levels, mental health, nutrition and sleep routines. Colleagues accelerated their progress up the live leader boards with bonus prizes, incentives and fun Team Boosters (think laughter-packed online origami and yoga sessions).

To fuel fresh working relationships, teams were arranged across departments and functions – and within 40 days, BabelQuest saw measurable leaps in collaboration and motivation.

  • 57% increase in interaction and communication between teams
  • 63% increase in positive conversations about health and wellbeing at work
  • 32% improvement in teamwork
  • 19% increase in productivity.

Health and wellbeing improved too, as individuals explored new movement, mindfulness and meditation techniques. Colleagues made wiser choices when it came to food, rest and exercise, and unlocked different ways to deal with the pressures of the pandemic – from gratitude practices to reflective journal writing. The results revealed an altogether happier, healthier team:

  • 82% increased their physical activity levels
  • 69% boosted their daily step count
  • 32% tried yoga, Pilates or stretching
  • 63% drank more water
  • 57% chose more nutritious food
  • 69% saw an overall improvement in their health.

The challenge ignited friendly competition among teams – and proved BabelQuest colleagues always have each other’s back. Lily-Francesca was delighted to see co-workers rediscovering their sense of comfort, care and camaraderie:

‘We expected everyone to bring their competitiveness, but what we didn't expect was the level of support that team members had for each other. Daily check-ins prompted by Kaido gave the nudge we needed to communicate, work together and have fun all at the same time.’

Straightforward set-up, outstanding feedback

The BabelQuest team have now swapped full-time remote working for a flexible hybrid approach and will take on their second challenge later this year. Kaido’s ready-made tools will make the rollout process speedy and simple, with instant access and consistent comms for home-based and onsite colleagues.

First time around, Lily-Francesca used Kaido’s pre-written templates and launch materials to drive engagement and participation, then effortlessly integrated all challenge updates and messaging through Slack. She was also grateful for Kaido’s expert guidance:

‘Rich was great at getting the team set up with instructions, advice and tips. The tool is super simple to use and it gives you everything you need to improve your physical, mental and nutritional wellbeing. We've had great fun with Kaido and couldn't have got through lockdown without it!’

The rest of the team shared their own glowing reports:

‘It has been great! I will genuinely miss it and would like to do another one straight away. I will definitely continue with yoga and mindfulness and trying to build in bursts of physical activity when I feel down or tired or just need a break.’

‘I have really enjoyed it. I want to continue with my increased walking/steps and making time for mindfulness. I am definitely less stressed and low when I do this too, which helps make my home and relationships more positive.’

‘It was so good to reflect and have the team spirit. I loved watching and getting everyone involved.’

‘Feeling like we need to win! It was nice to complete a challenge with the team.’

‘I definitely feel so much better. I will continue to exercise, walk where possible and eat clean. I feel more energised and ready for the next chapter.’

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