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The tcc story - improving wellbeing, worldwide

By Sarah Elliot

tcc know what it takes to collaborate across continents. With locations in 35 countries, their creative team shapes the way we shop, crafting innovative loyalty programmes and sustainable online and in-store solutions for retailers in every major market.

Lasting connections between brand and customer are the bedrock of tcc's business. So when the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, they put their relationship-building expertise to work for their own people – with a bit of help from Kaido.

Different continents, common concerns

As a worldwide organisation, tcc had a head start on the dynamics of remote teams – but that didn’t mean the sudden shift to home and hybrid working was a trouble-free transition. A year into the crisis, employees were beginning to struggle with mental health concerns, low morale and job-related ailments such as back and neck pain. Meanwhile, new joiners were missing out on meaningful links to colleagues and company culture.

The Global HR team looked to Kaido to get staff moving, boost healthy habits and inject fun and fulfilment into the working day. Roberta Kaminskaite, Personal Assistant to the COO – who was instrumental in bringing the challenge to life – said the business wanted to go above and beyond for employees:

"The pandemic was affecting colleagues in every country and we were seeing common issues of isolation, fatigue and poor mental health. We wanted to take a positive step to support workers’ wellbeing, bring teams together and show our people how much we care."

Building better behaviours at every level

In March 2021, tcc kicked off a six-week health and wellbeing challenge that saw 68 colleague teams – from Russia to Hong Kong to Latin America – making their way towards a virtual destination. By introducing small changes to their sleep, nutrition and activity levels, staff picked up points, incentives and prizes, and propelled their team up the live leader board.

The interactive Kaido app – full of helpful tips, guidance and bonus content – guided colleagues through daily activities and team-building boosters, encouraging them to chat, explore and engage. The tcc executive team led by example, taking time out to swim, stretch and weave mindfulness during their workday.

From lunchtime workouts to the launch of walking meetings, the workforce-wide results speak for themselves:

  • 87% noticed an improvement in their overall health
  • 76% increased their daily steps
  • 45% tried a new a new type of exercise
  • 89% boosted their physical activity levels
  • 80% made better nutrition choices
  • 45% upped their water intake

Working practices transformed too:

  • 46% communicated and interacted more with colleagues
  • 27% were more engaged with their role
  • 43% improved their teamworking skills
  • 37% felt more motivated
  • 54% had constructive conversations about health and wellbeing at work

Internal Communications and Engagement Manager, Daniela Brakewell, joined tcc the week before the challenge and was immediately won over:

"Seeing our leadership team so engaged and enthusiastic said great things about tcc's culture. It was clear that colleagues had permission to prioritise wellbeing, health and happiness. As a new starter, the challenge helped me instantly connect with the personalities in my team, which isn’t as easy outside the physical office environment. We all got behind a common goal and loved the sense of friendly competition!"

Ready to relaunch

With minimal time for challenge admin and management, tcc were impressed with Kaido’s ‘seamless’ setup, support and pre-written comms. The launch team built an initial buzz on Yammer, then tasked a passionate team of champions to spread the word to their regions. Kaido streamlined every stage with a ready-to-rollout library of email templates, posters and resources.

tcc now have ambitious plans for their next challenge, which lands later this year – and colleagues can’t wait to get back on board.

‘Overall, this 40-day challenge has given me a chance to reset my daily schedule for making my days happier, healthier and meaningful. Thank you Kaido for your guidance and encouragement.’

‘My initial goal was to reduce stress and improve mental health. What I realised was physical activities have a greater impact on mental health than I ever thought. I found myself sleeping better and being grounded when I get some good exercise in fresh air. Overall I thank tcc for introducing this wonderful challenge during these unprecedented times.’

‘This could not have come at a better time. I was at a very low point and not focusing on my wellbeing at all and it was impacting on my physical and mental health. I feel I have turned a very important corner! Thank you.’

‘The Kaido challenge has been a great experience. I have learnt a lot about wellbeing, healthy diets and essential daily activities. I particularly like the concept of taking at least 30 minutes’ mindfulness a day, that really helps me with a better sleeping quality. I also like the walking meeting idea, which I tend to do every day now!’

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